The snuffbox fistula should be preferred over the wrist arteriovenous fistula

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The snuffbox arteriovenous fistula (SBAVF) is the most distal native vascular access. Although published data show a favorable outcome, the SBAVF is not strongly recommended by the guidelines. The present study compared the patency of SBAVFs and wrist AVFs (WAVFs).


All 416 AVFs created by the same nephrologist from March 2006 to October 2014 were reviewed. From 416 procedures, 47 SBAVFs and 77 WAVFs with vessels suitable for a SBAVF were selected.


Although vessel diameters used for construction of the SBAVFs were smaller than those used for WAVFs, the outcome of vascular access was similar. At 18 months, primary patency was 72% for SBAVF and 65% for WAVF (P = .48), and secondary patency was 93% for SBAVF and 94% for WAVF (P = .89).


In our experience, a SBAVF performs as well as a WAVF up to 18 months after creation. We suggest favoring SBAVF, especially in young patients without comorbidities, as the primary vascular access.

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