Reconstruction for renal artery aneurysms using the tailoring technique

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Renal artery (RA) aneurysm (RAA) is a rare and complex disease. Treatment options for a RAA include endovascular surgery and open surgery with ex vivo repair or in situ reconstruction. This study evaluated the long-term outcome after vascular reconstruction of RAAs using the tailoring technique. Tailoring or aneurysmorrhaphy means a partial resection of the aneurysm with direct suture of the remaining arterial wall.


A single-center retrospective study was conducted between January 1990 and December 2015. The tailoring technique was used to surgically repair 88 RAAs in 80 patients (52 women) with a mean age of 52.9 years. Patients' demographic data, vascular therapy, and renal function during follow-up were retrospectively evaluated.


The localization of the RAA was at the right kidney in 58 patients. The mean size of the aneurysm was 21.4 ± 9.7 mm (range, 8-67 mm). Hypertension was diagnosed in 56 patients, and 23 were asymptomatic. One RAA was ruptured. The overall morbidity rate was 16.3%, including bleeding (n = 4), RA stenosis (n = 3), RA occlusion (n = 4), RA dissection (n = 1), and myocardial infarction (n = 1). One patient died of myocardial infarction for a 30-day mortality rate of 1.3%. The 30-day primary patency rate was 90.0%. The 30-day secondary patency rate was 95.0%. Follow-up data were obtained from 71 patients who underwent tailoring in 78 RAAs. The mean follow-up period was 60.7 months (range 2-229 months). In 76.4% of patients with RAA and hypertension, RAA reconstruction contributed to the cure or improvement of hypertension. The long-term patency after RAA reconstruction was demonstrated in a Kaplan-Meier curve, with cumulative patency rates of 98.7%, 97.4%, 94.8%, and 92.3% after 18, 24, 36, and 48 months, respectively. Estimated survival rates were 98.8%, 97.5%, and 96.3% after 12, 48, and 60 months, with an estimated mean time of 216.5 ± 7.2 months.


The tailoring technique is a safe and effective procedure with good long-term outcomes. RAA reconstruction contributed to the cure or improvement of renovascular hypertension.

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