A Faculty Survey on Women's Health Curricular Content in Entry-Level Physical Therapy Programs

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To collect faculty input on women's health content in entry-level physical therapy curricula.

Study Design:

In 2002, a survey was mailed to all entry-level physical therapy programs in the United States. The survey asked the faculty to determine inclusion importance for women's health content in entry-level and postprofessional curricula.


The original survey tool was developed to assess clinician input on women's health curricular content by Laura LaPorta Krum and Dr Susan Smith and had been distributed to a random sample of the American Physical Therapy Association, Section on Women's Health (SoWH) members in 2001.

Methods and Measures:

Responses from the faculty survey were compared. The faculty survey also included questions aimed to identify strategies and challenges to integrating women's health content into entry-level curricula and perceived assistance needed from the SoWH to address the identified challenges.


Statistical analysis revealed very little difference in responses between the 2 cohorts. A 75% cutoff was determined by data analysis to represent respondent determination of important or essential women's health content to include in both entry-level and postprofessional academic programs.


Responses will assist a SoWH task force in developing a guideline for women's health content in entry-level physical therapy curricula. Information from this research should also assist the SoWH in addressing barriers to implementation of this content in entry-level curricula.

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