Biochemical and hormonal variables in black and white women matched for age and weight

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Weight and age may influence the levels of indexes of bone remodeling and the calciotropic hormones. In a study of interracial differences in these women, our black population was heavier than our white population. We therefore matched a subset of 96 black and 96 white women from our larger population for age and weight to determine whether a racial difference exists independent of the effects of weight and age. In addition, we were able to measure other indexes of bone remodeling (N-telopeptide of cross-linked collagen and pyridinoline cross-links), as well as hormones that may influence calcium metabolism (insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), insulin, calcitonin, and gastrin) in this subset. All indexes of bone remodeling were lower in black women. Black postmenopausal women had lower serum levels of calcidiol and higher parathyroid hormone (PTH) levels. The higher bone mass of black women is associated with lower bone remodeling in the presence of skeletal resistance to PTH. Serum IGF-1, insulin, and calcitonin levels did not differ significantly between races. Serum gastrin levels were higher in black women. The higher levels of gastrin in black women should be investigated further for its possible effect on the absorption of calcium salts.

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