B19 parvovirus DNA in solvent/detergent-treated anti-haemophilia concentrates

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A transfusional B19 parvovirus infection may have severe consequences in immunocompromised hosts.The presence of B19 DNA was investigated with a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay in 30 batches of solvent/detergent-treated clotting factor concentrates (12 batches of factor VIII, 16 batches of factor IX, 1 batch of factor VII, and 1 batch of PPSB). B19 DNA was detected in 6 (20%) batches, including 3 factor VIII and 3 factor IX concentrates. Because of the frequency of B19 DNA in batches of clotting factors, measures to prevent transfusional risk of B19 infection via these blood products are justified, especially in recipients immunocompromised by HIV infection.

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