Visceral abdominal-fat accumulation associated with use of indinavir

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Findings The mean VAT

TAT ratios for the three groups-non-users, symptom-free indinavir users, and symptomatic indinavir users-were 0.40 (SD 0.15), 0.59 (0.18), and 0.70 (0.20), respectively (p=0.004). The VAT:TAT ratio correlated with duration of indinavir use (r=0.47, p=0.01). The mean areas of VAT for the three groups were 106 cm2 (SD 72), 141 cm2 (65) and 202 cm2 (93), respectively (p=0.03). The mean body-mass index of the groups was similar, and patients in the two indinavir groups did not gain a significant amount of weight after starting the drug. Serum triglyceride values increased after starting indinavir and correlated with VAT:TAT ratios.

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