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In a series of chronic renal and congenitally deaf patients 24 were identified as having inborn renal and otologic disease. Sixteen patients, representing 14 families, had genetic disorders. Only two had the features of Alport's syndrome.

The patients were classified as follows: 1) Probable Alport's – 2 patients (1 family); 2) Atypical hereditary nephritis and sensorineural hearing loss – 7 patients; 3) Renal and inner ear anomalies – 1 patient; 4) Renal, inner ear and multiple anomalies – 4 patients. The temporal bone pathology in one case showed primary neural atrophy and a mild Mondini malformation. In another a Scheibe defect and unusual calcific structures were found in the cochlear duct. 5) Renal, external or middle ear and multiple anomalies – 6 patients (5 families); 6) Renal, middle and inner ear anomalies and multiple anomalies – 2 patients. A temporal bone obtained from one case showed combined middle and inner ear defects. In the other, who had a chromosome defect, predominantly middle ear anomalies were found. 7) Nephrotic syndrome and congenital hearing loss– 1 patient; 8) Unclassified – 1 patient.

Some cases represent entities apparently not previously described. Probably most interesting is the delineation of hereditary nephritis and deafness distinct from Alport's disease.

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