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The number of patients seeking correction of abnormally protruding ears has decreased in the past ten years because of changing hairstyles and concepts of body image. During the same time there has been an increase in the number of surgeon and surgical disciplines seeking to perform cosmetic otoplasty. To compensate for this deficit in total volume experience of the individual operator and to insure patients of a consistently acceptable cosmetic result, the concept of calibrated otoplasty is presented.

A study was made of a large number of ears which appeared to be esthetically in harmony with each other and with the side of the head. The distance relationships obtained from this study were applied not only to the creation of a new antihelix in the first ear but the degree to which the ear projects from the side of the head. At the conclusion of the first ear operation, careful measurements were taken for use in the second ear operation to insure its being as near normal as the first in form and degree of projection of the ear from the head. This concept of calibrated otoplasty is explained in detail with illustrations of all required measurements plus a series of surgical illustrations showing application of the technique.

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