Supracricoid Hemilaryngopharyngectomy in Selected Pyriform Sinus Carcinoma Staged as T2

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From 1964 to 1986 supracricoid hemilaryngopharyngectomy (SCHLP) was performed at the authors' institution for 34 selected pyriform sinus carcinomas staged as T2. Tumors involved the anterior part of the pyriform sinus, the lateral wall, the medial wall, and the whole aryepiglottic fold in all cases. Tumors with invasion of the apex of the pyriform sinus, of the retrocricoid region, of the posterior pharyngeal wall, or with fixation of the true vocal cord were excluded from the study. Such a technique was aimed at preserving physiologic phonation, respiration, and swallowing while achieving the same local control rate as pharyngolaryngectomy. Patients were monitored for at least 6 years or until death. No patients were lost to follow-up. The 6-year cause specific survival rate was 66.8%. The main cause death was second primary tumor. The 6-year actuarial local recurrence rate was 3.4%. The authors' experience with the SCHLP technique challenges the traditional teaching of pharyngolaryngectomy and establishes this technique as a safe method of voice preservation in selected cases of pyriform sinus carcinomas.

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