Malignant Neoplastic Disease of the Parotid Lymph Nodes

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To review the management and outcome of patients with malignant neoplastic disease of the parotid lymph nodes excluding those with primary salivary gland tumors.

Study Design:

Retrospective review of 14 patients who had malignant parotid lymph nodes from metastatic cutaneous malignancies, direct extension from primary cutaneous malignancies, or lymphoproliferative disorders.


Charts were reviewed from three institutions and tabulated for age, gender, histopathology, treatment, and outcome.


Fourteen patients met the criteria for study. Ten patients had neoplastic nodes from cutaneous malignancies. Seven involved squamous cell carcinoma, two were metastatic from melanoma, and one was metastatic from basal cell carcinoma. Four patients had involvement from lymphoproliferative disorders.


Metastatic disease to the parotid nodes or direct extension to nodes from primary cutaneous malignancy demonstrates a poor prognosis in this series. Prognosis of lymphoproliferative disorder is more favorable.

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