Effect of Surgical Treatment on Lymphoproliferation in Advanced Supraglottic Laryngeal Cancer

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The capacity of cell immunity to act against tumor cells has been presented as a decisive influence in the prognosis of patients with cancer. The aim of this study was to evaluate lymphoproliferation in nonadherent peripheral blood cell cultures of patients with advanced supraglottic laryngeal cancer.

Study Design:

Fourteen patients with advanced supraglottic laryngeal cancer were studied prospectively. Lymphoproliferation was quantified by adding 3H-thymidine and measured in counts/minute using liquid scintillation spectrometry. Based on the ratio between stimulated and baseline cultures, the proliferation index was calculated before and 236 ± 18 days after the surgery.


Lymphoproliferation was lower in patients than in healthy controls (P = .01) in the preoperative as well as in the late postoperative period (P = .006 and P = .02, respectively). However, there was no change from preoperative to late postoperative.


Pre- and postoperative results show that patients with advanced supraglottic laryngeal cancer present lymphoproliferation diminished before the surgery, and in the late postoperative period, there was no recovery of immune capacity evaluated by lymphoproliferation measurement.

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