Regeneration of Aged Vocal Fold: First Human Case Treated With Fibroblast Growth Factor

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Background/Objectives:Aged vocal folds are characterized by atrophy of the mucosa, which causes dysphonia and is difficult to treat. We have revealed a therapeutic potential of basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) for tissue regeneration of the aged vocal fold. We report here the first human case that has been treated with bFGF.Study Design:Institutional review board approved clinical human trial.Methods:A 63-year-old man with atrophied vocal folds was treated by local injection of 10 μg of bFGF into the left vocal fold under topical anesthesia. The effects of the injection were examined after 1 to 3 months by videostroboscopy, acoustic and aerodynamic measurements.Results:The atrophy of the vocal fold was improved at 1 week after the injection and glottic gap disappeared. Aerodynamic and acoustic parameters also showed remarkable improvement. These positive effects were maintained up to 3 months.Conclusion:The first case with aged vocal folds treated with bFGF administration is presented. The results are encouraging, suggesting therapeutic effects of bFGF for atrophied vocal folds in human.

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