Arcobacterspp. isolated from untreated domestic effluent

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Arcobacter butzleri and Arcobacter cryaerophilus were isolated from samples of raw untreated domestic sewage influent from nine separate wastewater treatment facilities in Cheshire, UK. This is the first report of Arcobacter spp. from sewage in the UK and suggests that Arcobacter spp. may be present in the human community.

Significance and Impact of the Study:

Studies have shown Arcobacter spp. to be present in domestic sewage in several European countries. This study supports previous findings with the first report of Arcobacter spp. in domestic sewage in the UK. This study suggests that Arcobacter spp. is present amongst local human populations, implicating it as an underestimated gastrointestinal pathogen in the UK and contributing to our understanding of this emerging pathogen and its presence within the UK. Providing a confirmation of the presence of Arcobacter in sewage, which supports previous studies, this paper will appeal to fellow researchers of Arcobacter, as well as healthcare and water treatment professionals concerned with microbiology, water safety and gastroenterology, potentially having a wide impact.

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