A method for the enumeration of Aeromonas bacteriophage in aquatic environments

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K.P. FLINT. 1996. Bacteriophage were isolated against type strains and environmental isolates of Aeromonas hydrophila, Aeromonas sobria and Aeromonas caviae. A most probable number method for estimating the number of bacteriophage in a water sample was devised and tested using some of these isolates. The maximum number of bacteriophage against all three type strains were found in water from below a sewage effluent outfall. This corresponds to the increased numbers of each species of bacterium also found in this water sample. High numbers of bacteriophage against Aer. hydrophila were also found in the lake sample examined. Bacteriophage against Aer. caviae were rare in water samples other than those contaminated with sewage effluent.

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