Confirmation and identification of Listeria spp.

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All confirmation and identification methods used in this study can be used for the screening of suspected colonies on isolation media for Listeria spp. In traditional enrichment procedures the Microscreen Listeria latex test gives fast results. The DNA probes (Accuprobe and Gene-Trak) are very specific in detecting Listeria monocytogenes. For identification of Listeria spp. both tests (API and Micro-ID) performed equally well. Preference may be given to the API test, since differentiation of L. monocytogenes from L. innocua is based on the absence of arylamidase, through which tests for haemolytic activity and/or CAMP reactions can be omitted. However, the use of Enhanced Haemolysis Agar as isolation medium makes further testing essentially superfluous, since L. monocytogenes strains can be differentiated from L. innocua.

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