A selective medium for the isolation of Arcobacter from meats

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E. DE BOER, J.J.H.C. TILBURG, D.L. WOODWARD, H. LIOR AND W.M. JOHNSON. 1996. A method, including enrichment in Arcobacter Selective Broth (ASB) and isolation on semisolid Arcobacter Selective Medium (ASM) under aerobic conditions at 24°C, is described for the isolation of Arcobacter from retail meat products. Selective agents used in ASB and ASM were cefoperazone, trimethoprim, piperacillin and cycloheximide. Arcobacters were isolated from 53 (24.1%) of 220 poultry meat products and also, at lower incidence from samples of beef and pork. The isolates were identified as A. butzleri or A. butzleri-like and belonged to a wide variety of serotypes and biotypes.

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