Production of amylase by the intestinal bacteria of Japanese coastal animals

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The amylase-producing ability of intestinal bacteria in one marine crab and seven fish species was determined. Mean total viable counts ranged from 1.3 × 105 to 1.5 × 108 cfu g-1, and Vibrionaceae were predominant in all specimens. Of 1585 strains examined, 341 (21.5%) produced ≥ 0.01 U amylase ml-1. Percentage of producers (≥ 0.01 U ml-1) differed among genera/families. High abilities (≥ 0.05 U ml-1) were found in 1.4-3.6% of Enterobacteriaceae, Pseudomonas and Vibrionaceae strains. On the other hand, percentage of producers varied with animal species. These results reveal that the amylase producers were widely distributed in the digestive tracts of coastal animals including crabs and fish, irrespective of their food habitats.

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