Identification of Saccharomyces sensu stricto and Torulaspora yeasts by PCR ribotyping

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18S rDNA + ITS1 and 25S rDNA PCR products covering more than 95% of the nuclear ribosomal DNA repeat unit of 28 Saccharomyces sensu stricto and Torulaspora yeasts and their anamorph forms were digested with HaeIII, MspI, Hinf I and CfoI. Using combinations of two restriction enzymes, specific ribotyping patterns of six species were found. PCR ribotyping offers a convenient tool for quick identification of yeast isolates, but specificity of ribotyping patterns should be checked with a larger number of strains to avoid misidentification because of lack of variation within different taxa or because of strain-specific ribotyping patterns of species type strains.

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