Production of a cell wall-specific monoclonal antibody toFibrobacter succinogenes

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A monoclonal antibody (mAb) was raised against Fibrobacter succinogenes and produced after fusion as ascites in BALB/c mice. An ELISA was used to test for specificity and sensitivity of the mAb to detect F. succinogenes. The mAb BD1 was tested for sensitivity and cross-reactivity in detecting F. succinogenes with ELISA. The lower limits for F. succinogenes detection in pure and mixed culture using mAb BD1 with ELISA was 105 cells ml−1. Twenty-six other species of bacteria, including 12 cellulolytic species, were tested for cross-reactivity with the ELISA but none was detected. Electron micrographs ofF. succinogenes cells with immunogold labelling showed that the mAb BD1 reacted exclusively with cell wall epitopes but not intracellular material, as confirmed by ELISA.

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