Mycotoxin production from fungi isolated from grapes

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Aims:In order to assess the potential for producing mycotoxins, fungi were isolated from wine producing grapes.Methods and Results:The isolates were identified and Penicillium expansum, the most well recognized mycotoxin producer, was analysed for mycotoxin production by TLC. Many of the strains produced patulin and/or citrinin, often depending on whether they were grown on a grape or yeast extract sucrose media.Conclusions:Citrinin was produced by all strains grown in the yeast extract sucrose medium, but only one strain (from 51) was able to produce this compound in grape juice medium. Patulin was produced in the yeast extract medium by 20 strains and in grape juice medium by 33 strains.Significance and Impact of the Study:The presence of mycotoxins in wine producing grapes is discussed. Grapes contamination with patulin seems not to contribute to wine contamination, and no ochratoxin producing fungi was identified.

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