Effect of trans-2-hexenal on the growth of Aspergillus flavus in relation to its concentration, temperature and water activity

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Aims:The antifungal activity of trans-2-hexenal on Aspergillus flavus in a model system in relation to its concentration, incubation temperature and aw was assessed.Methods and Results:A model describing the antifungal activity of the aldehyde in relation to these variables was obtained.Conclusions:According to this model, the inhibition of A. flavus was weakly dependent on the incubation temperature (at least within the range of values considered) and strongly affected by the trans-2-hexenal concentration and aw, which showed a remarkable synergistic effect.Significance and Impact of the Study:Trans-2-hexenal proved to be a molecule with remarkable antimicrobial properties, even when added in closed systems at low concentration.

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