Optimization of carotenoid production from hyper-producing Rhodotorula glutinis mutant 32 by a factorial approach

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Aims:Optimization of carotenoid production by a mutant of Rhodotorula glutinis.Methods:The growth and carotenoid production was optimized in shake flasks using a two-level, three-variable factorial design.Results:The volumetric carotenoid production could be increased to 129 ± 2 mg 1−1 in a medium containing (g l−1) yeast extract 11·74, glucose 46 and threonine 18 along with other micronutrients, wherein, β-carotene yield was 102 ± 2 mg l−1, accounting for 80% of the total carotenoids.Significance and Impact of the Study:The medium optimization resulted in a fourfold increase in volumetric production and a twofold increase in the cellular accumulation of carotenoids. In view of such high yields, the mutant of Rhodotorula glutinis can be a potential source of β-carotene.

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