Influence of pH drop on both nisin and pediocin production byLactococcus lactisandPediococcus acidilactici

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Aims:To develop a kinetic model for describing the specific effect of pH drop on nisin and pediocin production in whey.Methods and Results:The effect of pH drop on both bacteriocin productions was tested in non-buffered whey and whey buffered at initial pH 6·3 with 0·03, 0·10 and 0·25 mol l-1 of potassium hydrogen phthalate-NaOH. An accurate description of the experimental data of nisin and pediocin obtained at different pH drops is obtained with the proposed model.Conclusions:The proposed model was able to typify both bacteriocins as pH-dependent primary metabolites.Significance and Impact of the Study:The decisive role of pH drop for bacteriocin production on whey was demonstrated and modelled. This study contributes to a better understanding of underlying metabolic regulatory mechanisms, which could facilitate the optimization of bacteriocin production for upscaling.

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