Comparison of sample collection methods for the PCR detection of oral anaerobic pathogens

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AimsTo provide evidence that DNA-PCR diagnostics of oral pathogens based on standard sample collection by paper point insertion from the depth of the periodontal pocket can be replaced by a novel non-invasive collection method based on swab technique from the gingiva.Methods and ResultsIn this study we compared the results from two collection methods performed in 35 patients with chronic adult periodontitis. Statistical analysis showed a highly significant association of diagnostic results between both collection techniques.ConclusionsThe Pocket-out method represents a reliable alternative to the standard collection technique for PCR diagnosis of oral pathogens.Significance and Impact of the StudyDue to its simplicity and non-invasiveness, the Pocket-out collection could be performed in any physician office, or even by the patient himself. With respect to the putative association between periodontal disease and various systemic illnesses, this method could be integrated with various screening programs of oral pathogens.

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