Rapid reduction of Legionella pneumophila on stainless steel with zeolite coatings containing silver and zinc ions

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AimsTo determine the rate of reduction of Legionella pneumophila by stainless steel surfaces with zeolite ceramic coatings containing 2·5% (w/w) silver (Ag) and 14% zinc (Zn) ions.Methods and ResultsStainless steel pans with and without Ag/Zn coatings were inoculated with solutions of Leg. pneumophila ATCC 33155 and incubated at 37 °C. Survival was monitored using the spread-plate technique on selective buffered charcoal yeast extract agar. Significant reductions of Leg. pneumophila were effected by the Ag/Zn zeolite coatings within 2 h of exposure.Conclusions, Significance and Impact of the StudyZeolite ceramic Ag/Zn coatings impart significant anti-Legionella properties to stainless steel surfaces. Coated stainless steel could be used in the manufacture of air ducts, condensation pans and intake and exhaust vents. These products have the potential to reduce numbers of Legionella in air-handling systems.

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