Copper biosorption by Auricularia polytricha

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AimsThe objective of the present study was to determine the optimum conditions for copper (Cu) biosorption by Auricularia polytricha mycelium in view of its immobilization in polyvinyl alcohol (PVA).Methods and ResultsThe adsorption of Cu(II) onto A. polytricha was studied in batch with respect to initial pH, temperature, adsorption time, initial metal ion and biomass concentration. At optimal adsorption conditions, biomass was immobilized in PVA in column and a biosorption capacity of about 90% was obtained.ConclusionsAuricularia polytricha strain could successfully be used as Cu biosorbent.Significance and Impact of the StudyThe low cost and simplicity of the technique make it suitable for the detoxification of contaminated effluents before their environmental discharge.

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