Development of an inducible gene expression system for Lactobacillus sakei

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AimTo develop an inducible gene expression system for Lactobacillus sakei, based on the regulatory system of sakacin A production.Methods and ResultsA Lactobacillus/Escherichia coli shuttle vector; pKRV3, was constructed including the signal transducing system genes of the bacteriocin sakacin A. The gusA gene fused to PsapA promoter, cloned in this vector allowed for inducible β-glucuronidase expression in L. sakei and L. plantarum following the addition of the sakacin A inducing peptide. PsapA appeared to be a strong and tightly controlled promoter when compared with known promoters.ConclusionThe pKRV3 system can be used as an inducible gene expression system in lactobacilli.Significance and Impact of the StudyA novel, inducible gene expression system has been developed for lactic acid bacteria relevant in food fermentations.

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