Protein synthesis inhibitory activity in culture filtrates from new strains of Streptomyces isolated from Brazilian tropical soils

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AimsTo investigate the effect of the culture supernatants from three newly isolated Streptomyces strains, 221, 235 and 606 on eukaryotic cells.Methods and ResultsCell lines were treated with the culture filtrates and assayed for protein synthesis by metabolic labelling, followed by sodium dodecyl sulphate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis analysis. RNA synthesis was investigated by [5-3H]uridine incorporation. The three culture filtrates presented a strong inhibitory activity, reducing total protein synthesis of different eukaryotic cell lines by more than 85%. No effect on cellular RNA synthesis was detected. The culture filtrates did not affect the growth of the prokaryotic cells tested.ConclusionsThese new Streptomyces strains, recently isolated from Brazilian tropical soils, produce molecule(s) with inhibitory activity specific to eukaryote protein synthesis.Significance and Impact of the StudyStreptomyces strains 221, 235 and 606, probably representing new species, might produce new bioactive compound(s), and can be used as valuable tools to study the protein synthesis pathway in eukaryotes.

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