Isolation and characterization of Bacillus sp. BP-6 LipA, a ubiquitous lipase among mesophilic Bacillus species

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AimsThe aim of this study was to perform the isolation, cloning and characterization of a lipase from Bacillus sp. BP-6 bearing the features of a biotechnologically important group of enzymes.Methods and ResultsStrain Bacillus sp. BP-6, showing activity on tributyrin plates, was used for isolation of lipase-coding gene lipA by means of inverse and direct PCR. The complete 633 nucleotide ORF isolated was cloned in Escherichia coli for further characterization. The amino acid sequence of the cloned protein was 98% identical to B. subtilis and B. megaterium lipases, the enzyme also showing similar molecular and biochemical features.ConclusionsThe gene coding for Bacillus sp. BP-6 LipA was found in all mesophilic Bacillus species assayed, indicating its ubiquity in the genus. The cloned enzyme displayed the same properties as those of homologous lipases.Significance and Impact of the StudyThe overall profile of Bacillus sp. BP-6 LipA was found to be that of a ubiquitous and highly conserved subfamily I.4 bacterial lipase. Previously described lipases within this family have shown to be well suited for biotechnological applications, suggesting that the cloned enzyme could be used accordingly.

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