Misidentification of Aeromonas veronii biovar sobria as Vibrio alginolyticus by the Vitek system

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AimsTo find the cause of misidentification of aeromonads when using the Vitek system.Methods and ResultsTwo Aeromonas veronii biovar sobria isolates were misidentified as Vibrio alginolyticus by the Vitek system. Both strains' identification was confirmed by biochemical testing, API 20E/20NE kits and/or 16S RFLP analysis. Thirty-one known Aeromonas species were tested by the Vitek system using 0·45 and 0·85% saline in the suspension medium. It was not clear whether low salinity causes misidentification of Aeromonas species more frequently.ConclusionsThe specified reaction time may be inappropriately short for some critical biochemical tests of some strains. An ingenious reading strategy regarding incubation time is necessary to improve identification of Aeromonas species by the Vitek system.Significance and Impact of the StudyTo our knowledge, this is the first report of misidentification of A. veronii biovar sobria as V. alginolyticus in the Vitek system.

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