Malt sprout extract medium for cultivation of Lactobacillus plantarum protective cultures

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AimsThe aim was to develop a cheap cereal-based alternative medium for the large-scale production of biopreservative Lactobacillus plantarum VTT E-79098. We examined the effect of growth medium and pH control on the cell yield of Lact. plantarum E-79098 and the antimicrobial activity of the cell-free extracts.MethodsFermentations using a novel Malt Sprout Extract Medium (MSE) were performed with different pH regimes. The antimicrobial activity of the cell-free extracts against Pantoea agglomerans VTT E-90396 and Fusarium avenaceum VTT D-80147 was assessed with automated turbidometry.Significance and Impact of the StudyWhen compared with MRS, the MSE medium cultures produced equal growth yields of Lact. plantarum VTT E-79098 and enhanced antimicrobial potential against the Gram-negative bacterium P. agglomerans and a Fusarium fungus. The MSE medium can be used as a low-cost alternative to MRS for producing high cell yields and good antimicrobial activity of Lact. plantarum.

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