Detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in water samples using a novel synthetic medium and impedimetric technology

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AimsTo investigate whether the use of a novel synthetic medium in conjunction with impedimetric technology could provide a rapid and automated detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in water samples.Methods and ResultsA selective synthetic medium (Z-broth) in which the only carbon and nitrogen source is acetamide was applied in direct impedimetric examination for the selective isolation of P. aeruginosa. A total of 1036 tap-water, well-water, swimming-pool water and dialysis water samples were investigated, and any P. aeruginosa contamination was detected in 7–24 h. Neither false-negative nor false-positive results were observed.ConclusionsThe results of the present evaluation demonstrate that impedance measurement with the use of Z-broth is suitable for the rapid and automatic detection of P. aeruginosa in water.Significance and Impact of the StudyThe main advantages of the method: 240 samples can be examined in one step, the procedure is fully automated, the results are obtained quickly and the labour and media requirements are low.

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