Optimization of a new heteropolysaccharide production by a native isolate of Leuconostoc sp. CFR-2181

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AimThis work is aimed at optimizing the production of a new heteropolysaccharide (HePS) of Leuconostoc sp. CFR-2181 by standardizing the fermentation conditions in a low cost semi-synthetic medium.Methods and ResultsBoth nutritional and cultural parameters, such as carbon source and its concentration, initial pH of the exopolysaccharide (EPS) medium, fermentation temperature and fermentation period were optimized. Fermentation of the EPS medium (pH 6·7), containing sucrose at 5% (w/v) and 5% (v/v) inoculum, at 25°C resulted in maximum production of HePS (18·38 g l−1) by the isolate in 4 h of fermentation.ConclusionsThe isolate was found to produce good amount of HePS in just 4 h in a low cost semi-synthetic EPS medium.Significance and Impact of the StudyThis is the first report on rapid production of HePS by any lactic culture, which can significantly reduce the cost of the EPS.

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