Comparison of supplements*to enhance recovery of heat-injuredSalmonellafrom egg albumen

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Aims:The purpose of this study was to determine the proficiency of supplements to enhance the recovery of Salmonella from heat-treated liquid egg albumen on solid agar media.Methods and Results:Salmonella-inoculated albumen, heated at 53·3°C for 4 min, was plated on 39 combinations of solid media with or without the addition of 12 supplements. Greater numbers of Salmonella (P < 0·05) recovered with the addition of 1·0 g l−1 ferrous sulfate (FeSO4) than with any other supplements, except for 0·5 or 1·0 g l−1 3′3′-thiodipropionic acid (TDP), which recovered equivalent populations. Addition of 1·0 g l−1 sodium pyruvate or 6·0 g l−1 yeast extract plus 1·0 g l−1 sodium pyruvate supported greater resuscitation than unsupplemented tryptic soy agar (TSA) or supplementing with 0·01 or 0·1 g l−1 N-propyl gallate, 10 g l−1 activated charcoal, 0·1 g l−1 KMnO4 or 50 mg l−1 ethoxyquin. The remaining supplements supported recovery of equivalent numbers of Salmonella, which were fewer cells than recovered with 1·0 g l−1 FeSO4, yet greater populations than recovered with 50 mg l−1 ethoxyquin.Conclusion:Supplementation of plating media with FeSO4, TDP or sodium pyruvate enhanced recovery of sublethally injured Salmonella from albumen.Significance and Impact of the Study:Pasteurizing albumen impedes recovery of pathogens. These results suggest that the addition of supplements to plating media may assist resuscitation and colony development of heat-injured salmonellae.

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