A novel marine bacterium algicidal to the toxic dinoflagellateAlexandrium tamarense

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Aims:This work is aiming at investigating algicidal characterization of a bacterium isolate DHQ25 against harmful alga Alexandrium tamarense.Methods and Results:16S rDNA sequence analysis showed that the most probable affiliation of DHQ25 belongs to the γ-proteobacteria subclass and the genus Vibrio. Bacterial isolate DHQ25 showed algicidal activity through an indirect attack. Xenic culture of A. tamarense was susceptible to the culture filtrate of DHQ25 by algicidal activity assay. Algicidal process demonstrated that the alga cell lysed and cellular substances released under the visual field of microscope. DHQ25 was a challenge controller of A. tamarense by the above characterizations of algicidal activity assay and algicidal process.Conclusion:Interactions between bacteria and harmful algal bloom (HAB) species proved to be an important factor regulating the population of these algae.Significance and Impact of Study:This is the first report of a Vibrio sp. bacterium algicidal to the toxic dinoflagellate A. tamarense. The findings increase our knowledge of the role of bacteria in algal–bacterial interaction.

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