A small IncQ-type plasmid carrying the quinolone resistance (qnrS2) gene fromAeromonas hydrophila

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Aims:To investigate the qnrS2 gene encoded by a plasmid obtained from Aeromonas hydrophila.Methods and Results:To investigate the full-length sequence of the plasmid carrying qnrS2 (plasmid designated pAHH04) from the strain SNUFPC-A10, the full-length coding sequence of the qnrS region was first amplified. The remaining part of the plasmid was read outwards from this region. The plasmid pAHH04 contained the repC, repA, mobA and mobC genes, and its total size was 7191 bp with a G+C content of 60%.Conclusions:This study describes the full-length sequence of a plasmid carrying the qnrS2 gene from Aer. hydrophila. The plasmid pAHH04 carried plasmid replication and mobilization genes from IncQ-type plasmids.Significance and Impact of the Study:The isolated qnrS2 gene encoded by a plasmid from an Aer. hydrophila strain is of significant importance because it emphasizes the problem of antibiotic resistance as well as the ability of the determinants to spread among the different bacterial species that impact human health.

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