Effect of the C-terminal domain ofVibrio proteolyticuschitinase A on the chitinolytic activity in association with pH changes

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Aims:To reveal the cause of the difference in activity of chitinase A from Vibrio proteolyticus and chitinase A from a strain of Vibrio carchariae (a junior synonym of Vibrio harveyi), we investigated the pH-dependent activity of full-length V. proteolyticus chitinase A and a truncated recombinant corresponding to the V. harveyi form of chitinase A.Methods and Results:After overexpression in Escherichia coli strain DH5α, the full-length and truncated recombinant chitinases were purified by ammonium sulphate precipitation and anion exchange column chromatography. Chitinase activity was measured at various pH values using α-crystal and colloidal chitins as the substrate. The pH-dependent patterns of the relative specific activities for α-crystal chitin differed between the full-length and truncated recombinant chitinases, whereas those for colloidal chitin were similar to each other.Conclusion:The difference in the activity of V. proteolyticus chitinase A and V. harveyi chitinase A might be partly due to a change in the pH dependence of the chitinase activities against α-crystal chitin, resulting from C-terminal processing.Significance and Impact of Study:The present results are important findings for not only ecological studies on the genus Vibrio in association with survival strategies, but also phylogenetic studies.

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