A multiplex nested PCR assay for simultaneous detection ofCorchorus golden mosaic virusand a phytoplasma in white jute (Corchorus capsularisL.)

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A multiplex nested PCR assay was developed by optimizing reaction components and reaction cycling parameters for simultaneous detection of Corchorus golden mosaic virus (CoGMV) and a phytoplasma (Group 16Sr V-C) causing little leaf and bunchy top in white jute (Corchorus capsularis). Three sets of specific primers viz. a CoGMV specific (DNA-A region) primer, a 16S rDNA universal primer pair P1/P7 and nested primer pair R16F2n/R2 for phytoplasmas were used. The concentrations of the PCR components such as primers, MgCl2, Taq DNA polymerase, dNTPs and PCR conditions including annealing temperature and amplification cycles were examined and optimized. Expected fragments of 1 kb (CoGMV), 674 bp (phytoplasma) and 370 bp (nested R16F2n/R2) were successfully amplified by this multiplex nested PCR system ensuring simultaneous, sensitive and specific detection of the phytoplasma and the virus. The multiplex nested PCR provides a sensitive, rapid and low-cost method for simultaneous detection of jute little leaf phytoplasma and CoGMV. Based on BLASTn analyses, the phytoplasma was found to belong to the Group 16Sr V-C.Significance and Impact of the Study:Incidence of phytoplasma diseases is increasing worldwide and particularly in the tropical and subtropical world. Co-infection of phytoplasma and virus(s) is also common. Therefore, use of single primer PCR in detecting these pathogens would require more time and effort, whereas multiplex PCR involving several pairs of primers saves time and reduces cost. In this study, we have developed a multiplex nested PCR assay that provides more sensitive and specific detection of Corchorus golden mosaic virus (CoGMV) and a phytoplasma in white jute simultaneously. It is the first report of simultaneous detection of CoGMV and a phytoplasma in Corchorus capsularis by multiplex nested PCR.

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