α-Helix to β-sheet transition within the Leu i Lys j (i = 2j) series of lytic amphipathic peptides by decreasing their size
The PGK epitope of human thyroglobulin
Allosteric-type control of synaptobrevin cleavage by protect tetanus toxin light chain
Crystallographic structure of a helical lipopeptaibol antibiotic analogue
A solid-phase synthesis of three aza-, iminoaza- and reduced aza-peptides from the same precursor
Conformations of a synthetic peptide which facilitates the cellular delivery of nucleic acids
Synthetic peptides as carriers for cellular import of drugs
Synthesis and biological activities of peptidomimetic analogues of compound A71623, a potent and selective CCK-A receptor agonist
Reactivity of UNCAs with Grignard reagents
Conformational study of a native monodisulfide bridge analogue of EETI II
Conformational disturbance induced by AzPro/Pro substitution in peptides
Detection of dermorphin-like immunoreactivity in immune tissues
Novel nonviral vectors for gene delivery
Studies on the antigenic properties of serum albumins
Synthesis of cyclic RGD-peptides containing β-amino acids
Analogues of tentoxin
Total structure and biological properties of laxaphycins A and B, cyclic lipopeptides from the marine cyanobacterium Lyngbya majuscula
Identification of hemorphins in a cathepsin D bovine hemoglobin hydrolysate by radioimmunoassay and photodiode array detections
Mutation Gln54Leu of the conserved polar residue in the interfacial coiled coil position (d) results in significant stabilization of the original structure of the COMP pentamerization domain
Dipole moments of scorpion toxins direct the interaction towards small- or large-conductance Ca2+-activated K+ channels
Physicochemical characterization and in vitro interaction with brain capillary endothelial cells of artificially monoacylated ribonucleases A
TR-NOE and MD studies of Leishmania gp63 SRYD-containing sequences bound to anti-SRYD monoclonal antibody
Pretargeted radioimmunotherapy using 131I-labelled bivalent hapten-bearing peptides
Design and synthesis of chiral peptidic nucleic acids
Immunoreactivity and conformation of the immunodominant domain of HTLV-I envelope surface glycoprotein
Conformational studies of a benzodiazepine-like peptide in SDS micelles by circular dichroism, 1H NMR and molecular dynamics simulation
Membrane destabilization induced by the human immunodeficiency virus type-1 fusion peptide
Synthesis of an analogue of the lipoglycopeptide membrane intermediate I of peptidoglycan biosynthesis
D-Amino acids in protein de novo design. II. Protein-diastereomerism versus protein-enantiomerism
Preferential β-sheet structuration of multiconformational poly(Glu-Leu) by metallic ions
Micro-environment effect on the structure of synthetic substrates of thermolysin
Induction of apoptosis by protein kinase C pseudosubstrate lipopeptides in several human cells
Evolution of the adenosine triphosphate site and design of new inhibitors of DNA topoisomerases II
Development of new potent agonists able to interact with two postulated subsites of the cholecystokinin CCK-B receptor
Characterization and inhibition of aminopeptidase A by α-mercapto-β-amino acyl dipeptides
Synthesis and structural analysis of vinylogous peptides
Protracted release of the LHRH agonist avorelin (MF 6001) from two depot formulations in dogs and men
Structure–activity relationship study of the plasma membrane translocating potential of a short peptide from HIV-1 Tat protein
Solid phase synthesis of peptidyl aldehydes from C-terminal thiazolidinyl peptides
Synthesis and applications of cyclopeptides and depsipeptides
The PPGMRPP repetitive epitope of the Sm autoantigen
Synthesis of RGD amphiphilic cyclic peptide as fibrinogen or fibronectin antagonist
Design of specific antagonists of the fibrinogen receptor
Effect of histidine methylation on the recognition of OVA323–336 T-epitope
Design and synthesis of new types of oligonucleopeptides
Synthesis and activity of dermorphin analogues containing unusual amino acid residues
Design, synthesis and catalytic activity of a serine protease synthetic model
Structural modifications of oxidized insulin B-chain induced by glycerol addition
Integration of human plasminogen or streptokinase into stable complexes with oxidoreductases and pyruvate kinase