Stereospecific synthesis of L-2-amino-3-(7-methoxy-4-coumaryl)propionic acid, an alternative to tryptophan in quenched fluorescent substrates for peptidases
Stereochemistry of protected ornithine side chains in gramicidin S derivatives and their resistance to N-methylation
An efficient synthesis of anhydrides of 2-monosubstituted succinic acid monoesters and their application to the Dakin–West reaction
Reduction of ortho-aminobenzoyl-proline fluorescence and formation of pyrrolobenzodiazepine-5,11-dione
Albutensin A, an ileum-contracting peptide derived from serum albumin, acts through both receptors for complements C3a and C5a
Biochemical pharmacology of total retro-inverso analogues of bradykinin and angiotensin II
Cα-Methyl phenylglycine-based semi-synthetic ampicillin and cephalexin analogues
Synthesis of phosphopeptides via global phosphorylation on the solid phase