Analytical surveillance of emerging drugs of abuse and drug formulations

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Uncontrolled recreational drugs are proliferating in number and variety. Effects of long-term use are unknown, and regulation is problematic, as efforts to control one chemical often lead to several other structural analogs. Advanced analytical instrumentation and methods are continuing to be developed to identify drugs, chemical constituents of products, and drug substances and metabolites in biological fluids. Several mass spectrometry based approaches appear promising, particularly those that involve high resolution chromatographic and mass spectrometric methods that allow unbiased data acquisition and sophisticated data interrogation. Several of these techniques are shown to facilitate both targeted and broad spectrum analyses, the latter of which are often of particular benefit when dealing with misleadingly labeled products or assessing a biological matrix for illicit drugs and metabolites. The development and application of novel analytical approaches such as these will help to assess the nature and degree of exposure and risk and, where necessary, inform forensics and facilitate implementation of specific regulation and control measures.

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