MiR-517a-3p accelerates lung cancer cell proliferation and invasion through inhibiting FOXJ3 expression

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Aberrant expression of microRNAs (miRNAs) results in alterations of various biological processes (e.g., cell cycle, cell differentiation, and apoptosis) and cell transformation. Altered miRNAs expression was associated with lung carcinogenesis and tumor progression. This study aimed to investigate the function and underlying molecular events of miR-517a-3p on regulation of lung cancer cell proliferation and invasion.

Main methods:

Transfected miR-517a-3p mimics or inhibitors into 95D and 95C cells respectively, the effects of miR-517a-3p on lung cancer cell proliferation, migration, and invasion were detected. Bioinformatics software forecasted potential target genes of miR-517a-3p and dual luciferase reporter gene system and western blot verified whether miR-517a-3p regulates FOXJ3 expression directly.

Key findings:

MiR-517a-3p was differentially expressed in lung cancer 95D and 95C cell lines that have different metastatic potential. Manipulation of miR-517a-3p expression changed lung cancer cell proliferation, migration and invasion capacity. MiR-517a-3p directly regulated FOXJ3 expression by binding to FOXJ3 promoter.


This study demonstrated that miR-517a-3p promoted lung cancer cell proliferation and invasion by targeting of FOXJ3 expression.

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