Thermosensitive chitosan/phosphate hydrogel-composites fortified with AgversusAg@Pd for biomedical applications

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Introduction:Thermo-responsive hydrogels are promising biomedical systems as their gelation is triggered by temperature changes. Greenly synthesized noble metallic nanoparticles are a growing research area assessing their potential applications in nanomedicine.Materials and methods:Chitosan/phosphate thermosensitive gels were successfully achieved. The developed composite scaffolds were functionalized with the greenly synthesized Ag or Ag@Pd targeting improved bactericidal activity and biocompatibility performance. The physicochemical characterization was assessed through TGA, DSC, FESEM, HRTEM, XRD and FTIR. Bactericidal activities were tested against gram- positive Staphylococcus aureus and gram-negative Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Their biodegradability upon DMEM immersion was followed up to seven days through measuring ionic concentrations of Ca, P, Ag and Pd successively.Key findings:The newly developed phosphatic layers over the scaffold surfaces post-immersion assessed their osteogenic ability. Further, their promising and differentiated bactericidal activities due to the noble metals incorporation were proved. Cytotoxicity assessment demonstrated their high biocompatibility since no toxic effect was recorded.Significance:Consequently, they can be successfully and directly applied in biomedical and dental surgeries.Graphical abstract:

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