Quantitative proteomics of CSF reveals potential predicted biomarkers for extranodal NK-/T-cell lymphoma of nasal-type with ethmoidal sinus metastasis

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AimExtranodal natural killer cell/T-cell lymphoma of nasal-type (NKTCL) is an aggressive human lymphoma, but its predicted biomarkers after chemotherapy are less known. The aim of this study is to find some potential predicted biomarkers in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of NKTCL patients with ethmoidal sinus metastasis (NESM).Materials and methodsThe CSF samples were obtained from NKTCL patients with NESM before and after chemotherapy from Cancer Center of West China Hospital. Comparative proteomic profiling using label-free method was performed to characterize the fold change of proteins in NESM patients.Key findingIn this study, 102 proteins with <1% false discovery rate in CSF of NKTCL with NESM patients were quantified. Furthermore, significantly reduced IGFBP2, SERP1NC1, AMBP and GPX3, as well as dramatically increased CPE levels were observed in the CSF of NKTCL patients after cytarabine chemotherapy.SignificanceIGFBP2, SERP1NC1, AMBP, GPX3 and CPE together or alone have a potential to be predicted indicators of NKTCL with NESM in response to chemotherapy.

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