Bone health consequence of adjuvant Anastrozole in monotherapy or associated with biochanin-A in ovariectomized rat model

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Aims:We investigate the consequence of adjuvant anastrozole (ANA) in monotherapy or associated with biochanin A (BCA) in ovariectomized (OVX) rat model and the degree of developing bone loss in both conditions.Materials and methods:Sixty female rats were assigned to six groups. Five groups were bilaterally OVX, and one was sham operated. The five groups were; ANA group (0.5mg/kg b.wt orally), BCA (5mg/kg b.wt intraperitoneally (I/P), co-treated group (BCA+ANA), two control groups receiving even distilled water orally or DMSO I/P for twenty weeks. Bone turnover biomarkers BALP, OC, PTH, TRAP and TNFα were determined in serum. Bone mineral content, histological and morphometric measurements on rat femurs were performed. BMD by X-ray technique on tibias of rats and CT analysis of lumbar vertebrae of all treated and sham groups were applied.Key findings:There was marked elevation in bone turnover biomarkers with high serum Ca and P content in the ANA-treated rats. Moreover marked elevation of TNFα, PTH, TC and TG, ANA caused severe changes in the BMD detected by X-ray in tibial bones and CT analysis of lumbar vertebrae of OVX rats. While I/P injection of BCA ameliorated the adverse bone health decrements caused by ANA.Significance:The study highlights the importance of the BCA supplementation in accordance with the ANA therapy in case of ovariectomized rat model of osteoporosis which is clinically presented in Postmenopausal women with breast cancer during which considerable risk of developing osteoporosis is predicted during treatment.

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