A New EPI-Based Dynamic Field Mapping Method: Application to Retrospective Geometrical Distortion Corrections

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Purpose:To retrospectively correct for geometrical distortions, a new dynamic field mapping method suitable for dynamic single-shot gradient-echo type echo-planar imaging (GRE-EPI) is proposed.Materials and Methods:The method requires a single volume additional acquisition and allows the extraction of a field map from each phase volume, assuming invariance across time of the echo time-independent phase component. Performances of the method are assessed using three sets of experiments: the first tests the prerequisite and the modeling; the second tests the method with time-dependent geometrical distortions; and the third presents a comparison with two other methods.Results:Our results legitimize the modeling procedure and demonstrate that the dynamic method is less sensitive to noise than the other methods. A theoretical explanation for this is proposed in the discussion section.Conclusion:Given the minor increase in the acquisition time, this method is well suited for functional magnetic resonance imaging; prospective direction.

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