Design of k-space channel combination kernels and integration with parallel imaging

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Purpose:In this work, a new method is described for producing local k-space channel combination kernels using a small amount of low-resolution multichannel calibration data. Additionally, this work describes how these channel combination kernels can be combined with local k-space unaliasing kernels produced by the calibration phase of parallel imaging methods such as GRAPPA, PARS and ARC.Methods:Experiments were conducted to evaluate both the image quality and computational efficiency of the proposed method compared to a channel-by-channel parallel imaging approach with image-space sum-of-squares channel combination.Results:Results indicate comparable image quality overall, with some very minor differences seen in reduced field-of-view imaging. It was demonstrated that this method enables a speed up in computation time on the order of 3–16X for 32-channel data sets.Conclusion:The proposed method enables high quality channel combination to occur earlier in the reconstruction pipeline, reducing computational and memory requirements for image reconstruction. Magn Reson Med 71:2139–2154, 2014. © 2013 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

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