Simian Y Chromosomes: species-specific rearrangements ofDAZ,RBM, andTSPYversus contiguity of PAR andSRY

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The three human male specific expressed gene families DAZ, RBM, and TSPY are known to be repetitively clustered in the Y-specific region of the human Y Chromosome (Chr). RBM and TSPY are Y-specifically conserved in simians, whereas DAZ cannot be detected on the Y chromosomes of New World monkeys. The proximity of SRY to the pseudoautosomal region (PAR) is highly conserved and thus most effectively stabilizes the pseudoautosomal boundary on the Y (PABY) in simians. In contrast, the non-recombining part of the Y Chrs, including DAZ, RBM, and TSPY, was exposed to species-specific amplifications, diversifications, and rearrangements. Evolutionary fast fixation of any of these variations was possible as long as they did not interfere with male fertility.

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