Congenic mapping of a blood pressure QTL on Chromosome 16 of Dahl rats

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A Chromosome (Chr) 16 segment of the Dahl salt-sensitive (S) rat was shown by linkage to contain a blood pressure (BP) quantitative trait locus (QTL). To verify and further narrow down the region harboring the QTL, we made two congenic strains by replacing two segments of the S rats with the homologous segments of the Lewis (LEW) rats. The construction of these congenic strains was facilitated by a genome-wide marker screening. The two congenic strains contained a segment in common, and BPs of both were significantly lower than that of the S strain. Consequently, a BP QTL could be localized to the overlapping region of about 49.4 centiRay (cR) including the telomere on a radiation hybrid map. Heart weights, left and right ventricular weights, kidney weights, and aortic weights over length were all significantly decreased in the congenic strains compared with the S strain. Thus, there appeared to exist an association between the effects of the QTL on BP and on cardiac, renal, and vascular hypertrophy.

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