Aethomys chrysophilus(Rodentia: Muridae)

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The genus Aethomys currently includes 11 species, but recent evidence indicates a need for taxonomic revision of the genus. Aethomys chrysophilus (De Winton, 1897) is a muroid rodent commonly called the red veld rat. A medium-sized rodent with a long, sparsely haired tail, A. chrysophilus is largely parapatric with its sibling species, A. ineptus, and in areas of co-occurrence, determination of chromosome number, mitochondrial DNA analysis, or morphology of spermatozoa are required to distinguish A. chrysophilus from A. ineptus. Endemic to Africa, A. chrysophilus is found in savanna-woodland habitats that include varying combinations of grass-herbaceous ground cover, shrub understory, and miombo or mopane woodlands. It is not of special conservation concern.

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